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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Demoralization Campaign's Assault On Men, 70+ Years In the Roll-out

I talked with my husband this morning about the “demoralization campaign” staged against America.

It’s been used in essentially every regime change process in the world.

Evident even in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

We were talking about this in the context of what has been happening to men in the last few decades; a sort of assault on men. 

I thought it had started first against black men, in the 70’s. When movies like Shaft came out. To me, that was a cultural component of the demoralization campaign primarily targeting “African-American” men.

Candyce Owens at Turning Point USA is doing a brilliant job of raising awareness on this issue.

(As a side note, I believe that one day Candyce will become President of the United States. She is definitely someone worth watching, and learning from.)

I thought perhaps the demoralization campaign has been in operation for about 40 years, affecting 3 generations.

He disagreed. He said there were indicators of it even back in the 50’s. (Before I was born, but well within his personal memory. :) )

He puts the length of this campaign as at least 70 years. Affecting about 5 generations, maybe 6.