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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Patterns In Human Behavior

While there are basic human patterns in human behavior, the way each person is wired inside themselves is unique.

In addition to cultural differences, and differences in the stages of culture a person is operating at, there are also personality differences, communication style differences, temperament differences, and differences in the ways we access information, different learning styles, and so on.

In the 80’s we taught the MaslowHierarchy of Needs.
The idea was that people progressed through the levels as the basic need of each was met, culminating at Self-Actualization.

This is a model, and models, like maps, are tools. They can help us better understand and navigate ourselves and our lives.

Another useful model, is Spiral Dynamics. It’s a group dynamics model. One of the best out there, in my opinion.

Very informative.

In this image you can easily see the relationship of the Maslow Model to the Spiral Dynamic Model

(I prefer the model before Ken Wilber got a hold of it and merged it with his Integral System.)

It’s a curious anomaly; the more you understand and accept yourself, the more understanding and accepting you can be of others.

One critical component of the companies that were able nurture a Stage 5 culture is that they made it very easy for people to learn more about themselves.

They worked with much better models of understanding basic human behavior than companies operating at the other Stages.

There are tons of free tools for learning and understanding more about yourself, and human nature, in general.

Any one can do this, if they want.