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Monday, November 20, 2017

Another rough draft: Section of Confessions of a New Age Christian

Confessions of a New Age Christian

When science begins to experiment with non physical phenomena it will make more progress in a decade than all it’s previous centuries combined.” -Nikola Tesla

When I was around tens years old I had an obscure experience that seemed like nothing at the time, and yet, in retrospect, looking back as an adult, I now see was a turning point for me. A tiny experience that in the long term changed my whole world view.

In a bit I will share with you the story of this experience but before I do I want to share with you something else I noticed from that same time frame.

You see, it was also around the age of ten that I began telling anyone who would listen – Shoot, I even told people who wouldn’t listen. I repeated over and over, to everyone, (I was nearly obnoxious about this, lol), 

In the future, science and mathematics would prove the existence of the soul.”

I was adamant about this.

I knew the truth of this statement down to the depths of my bones. It was an unshakable belief and understanding. At ten years old!?!

It wasn’t until I was well into my forties, as an adult, reflecting back on my life, that I made the connection. Maybe my newfound certain belief and understanding that science and mathematics would prove the existence of the soul when I was ten was in some way related to the obscure experience that happened around the same time.

Life happens that way, you know. 

As a child we take things in without really questioning them. Most everything we experience seems “normal” to us, because we haven’t yet learned how to step out of our experiences and reflect upon them. That happens later in our development, when we and our brains have matured more.

I’m sure that you have noticed simple patterns in your life. Experiences that you had as a child that you didn’t necessarily notice at the time.  Yet, later in life took on more meaning, as you remembered those experiences from a different and more mature perspective.

I find this is so. 

Nearly everyone I talk to, when I ask them, remember odd experiences from their childhood. Experiences that aren’t neatly explained by the boxes of our current mainstream culture. When I first start talking with people, they are hesitant to remember these experiences. Or if they remember them, they are hesitant to talk openly about them. 

This is changing though … more and more, people are becoming comfortable with themselves, their whole selves, not just the bits and pieces that fit into the culturally acceptable boxes of our past

Go ahead, think about those times, right now.

Jot down what comes to your mind in the journal I suggested you start back in Chapter 1. Pop on over to my website or any of my social media channels and share these stories if you want. (See the links to these in Appendix B)

Come along with me on this journey of self-discovery, self-appreciation and self-understanding. Remember you matter.

Renaissance Humanity: Chapter Outline (Draft)

I apologize for my delay in getting back to this.  There was a death in the family and this has temporarily turned my attention elsewhere.  It'll be a while before I get back here.

However, to pique your curiosity, I thought I'd leave a rough draft outline of the chapters for Renaissance Humanity.  (This is for a friend, because he asked... )

Chapter 1:  Where Have All The Creative Culturists Gone?
(Setting the premise.)

Chapter 2:  Rosebud, Whisper Thy Name
(Some history, or herstory, lol... )

Chapter 3:  Confessions of a New Age Christian
(Bridging the extremes)

Chapter 4:  The Gatekeeper Within
(Will, consciousness, brain, objective mind)

Chapter 5:  Metamorphosis in Action
(Maserati metaphor, After the healing; creation.)

Chapter 6:  The Language of a Culture
(Includes personal theory on education)

Chapter 7:  Synarchy, The Politics of Universal Consciousness

Chapter 8:  Holy Cow, I Love Your Eyes
(The power of perception)

Chapter 9:  Listening Within 
(Dancing the Silence)

Chapter 10:  Small is Beautiful
(Ecology of a Human Economy, Human Scale)

Chapter 11:  WTF is Infinite Intelligence
(The Anatomy of DNA Intelligence, Nature Intelligence ...)

Chapter 12:  Vi Na, Where Do We Go From Here, ... You Decide

Bear in mind this is a work of creative non-fiction.

And since I'm eclectic, this work will also be eclectic.

And fun.

There are repeating sections at the end of each chapter that allows for interactivity and personal experimentation with the ideas presented.  To test the ideas out against your own personal experience.

I tentatively plan 3 Appendix sections, too, along with footnotes and a bibliography.