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Money & Politics

About Money & Politics

As I did research for Renaissance Humanity, and then further research relating to the Q posts, I came to realize how these two areas of activity, Money & Politics are uniquely HUMAN.

These are HUMAN spheres.  These are the spaces were we meet and engage with each other every day.

Money is a short code for OUR economical, ecological, and financial interactions.

Politics is a short code for the MONEY arena and everything else uniquely HUMAN.

Money and Politics touches on everything HUMAN.

From this arena our CULTURE arises.  Through Money and Politics HUMANITY has been guided and/or engineered (depending on your perspective) into its current state of affairs.   (OUR current CULTURE.)

CULTURE has a huge impact on how we express OUR Humanity.  It's determines the way our genetics express.  (PEMS, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually)  Holistically.  And how we grow OUR Souls.  The role we allow SPIRIT to play in OUR lives.

I find it curious that for the most part, people are discouraged in our current culture from understanding and playing their part in these two spheres of human activity.

Don't you?

Think about it.  What are told to never talk about?  (Politics and religion.)  The two are actually one, but, we are discouraged from discovering this by the adage to not talk them with each other.

Money seems to be a mystery to many people.  Only the uber wealthy are encouraged to understand this topic in depth.  For everyone else, our current culture guides/steers people to listen to others on the matter.  It's intentionally obscured to fog the minds of people on matters of money.  Look here, and not at the Money Machine behind the curtain. 

To the Money Masters, it is their form of alchemy, or magic.  A trick played on the minds of Humanity.

A means to profit for the few, at the cost of the many. 

We all feel it, don't we.  The squeeze.

But don't know where it's coming from.

Money and Politics are intricately intertwined, so I decided to not separate them, as I explore my thinking on them.