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Monday, May 16, 2016

OUR Future

The Wave

The 'breakdown' of the 'globalist new world order initiative' has long been forecast as 'unleashing' a huge wave of 'creativity', and 'sparking' a 'global renaissance'.

clif high ALTA Report Feb 2017, p10

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I was one of those kids who saw weird visions.

By this, I mean around the age of 3 - 4.
After a while, I somehow managed to turn off the visions, so I could function in the mundane world.
I blocked what I saw from my memory. I honestly don't remember them now.
But, I've lived with the knowledge of them my whole life. It's made me odd to say the least.
It's a part of my beautiful weirdness.

Even now, when I ask my Mom about the visions I used to tell her about when I was a kid, she gets uncomfortable. 
She'll say, "They were disturbing." And won't tell me any more.
Because of my knowing, I have a sense of what they were about, and can understand why she would find them disturbing.
A key element though, that she has confirmed for me was "the wave".
I've been inherently curious to try to understand this for as long as I can remember.

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