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Monday, May 22, 2017

Where Have All The Creative Culturists Gone?

It is easier to believe a lie that one has heard a thousand times than to believe a fact that no one has heard before.
                                                                                – A.A. Milne, author of Winnie-the-Pooh

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No one tells you this.

You're not taught this in school.  You're not taught this in church, in university, in our modern culture, but it's vital to know, especially now.

Reality is fluid.

Once you get this, everything changes.

Oh sure, everyone dances around the edges of it, but no one truly dives in and explores the full ramifications of just what this means. There's a reason for this, which I'll talk about later. For now, let's just call it as it is in simple terms.

Reality is fluid.

Reality is fluid and infinite.

Reality is so much larger than our conscious mind can manage. The part of our mind that we’re aware of is our conscious mind. But that part of our mind is only a tiny sliver of our whole mind. I call every thing that we are not consciously aware of the OTC Mind, Outside-The-Conscious Mind. It’s also referred to as the non-local mind or the subconscious mind.

Keep this in mind as we go forward and I use the term, OTC Mind.

We don’t really know how our mind’s work. We know even less how consciousness works. Even less of how our OTC Mind works. And for all of the studies on biology. We still don’t even know how to define Life.(footnote khalidi book) But the consensus among every day people is that consciousness and life somehow go hand and hand. They appear to be related to each other in some way.

When I talk about how reality is fluid I am thinking in terms of plasma. Plasma dynamics. How fire and water work. The way each moves. Like liquid plastic each morph in shape. When it comes to water, you could say the container determines the shape. With recent discoveries into how our universe is electric(footnote Thunderbolts Project), in addition to chemical and mechanical, every day world scientists are just now beginning to explore the nature of a plasmic universe.

The stuff outside of earth’s atmosphere that I remember learning in school was supposed to be a vacuum, is not a vacuum. It’s full of energetic particles, an electro-magnetic soup. Plasma. Fluid.

(Description) Frederick Douglas the 19th century … one said that it takes about 200 years for humanity to catch up with it’s discoveries.(footnote-biography)

I remember reading this as a kid and thinking to myself, “ What would a world look like, what would a world be like, when it has caught up with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?” I had not yet know anything about Quantum Mechanics.(hyper-link to QM site)

What I was aware of though was that there is a difference between our perception of reality and reality.

It took many more years for me to understand that when I asked myself that question, I wasn’t really asking about the world. I was asking about the culture of humanity. What would the human culture be like when people caught up with Einstein and later Feynman and lived from an inherent understanding of the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. And now, the emerging science of Quantum Biology. (footnote)

There’s a difference between having an intellectual understanding, which happens in stages, and living from an inherent, visceral, embodied understanding. Visceral knowing, deep knowledge, comes from application of intellectual knowledge. We could do a lot better applying these scientific principles in our lives. And if fact, we will do better. Because of the times in which we live.(footnote/link to explanation of the spirit of the time) We have an opportunity to quantum jump our selves and humanity as a whole into a state that resembles more closely that of Carl Jung and Abraham Maslow’s concepts of actualization(footnote/link), rather than mere survival of our bodies.

First, let’s recognize that opportunity. It does exist.

Then, let’s decide … how we will respond to the opportunity.

This is both an individual and a collective decision. Refusing to see the opportunity is itself a decision. Delaying the decision, is a decision. Making no decision is a decision. And, for each unique human, there is no right or wrong decision. This is not a moral choice before us. It is simply a choice.

However, how you decide, how I decide, how we decide, determines the future we will be born into.(link to article) There are results to our choices. And it for this reason that it’s important to clearly see what I’m talking about, it has effect. Period.
There’s a good chance that you have been responding to this choice for a good long while now. Maybe you call it voting with your dollars? Voting with how you choose to eat? Voting with how you choose to spend your time? Voting with the way you treat others?

At the end of the day, all decisions are essentially voting. When a person votes they are exercising the ability to decide. When you make a decision. Any decision. No decision. You are voting.

An interesting phenomenon that became apparent to some researchers back in the 90’s, at least it’s interesting to me, was the emergence of what researchers Paul H Ray and …. Called Cultural Creatives.(Footnote/link)

Brief summary description of theis discovery. Include this quote in some way

Imagine a country the size of France suddenly sprouting in the middle of the United States.”

Culture” is an interesting concept. It’s become a buzz word since 2014, (Note to self, look for the research article on this)

One of the best way of understanding culture comes from looking at Bruce Lipton’s work as he describes it in “The Biology of Belief” (Note to self, turn this into a story, Bruce’s story, or my story … yes … my story of how I discovered Bruce Lipton. The dreams all night long. Try to find this in my journal if I can, to get the dates and details right.

If you have been voting with your dollars, your food choices, your time choices, and your attitude, value and action choices, then you are probably a Cultural Creative. Here’s an insight from Paul H Ray and …. That you may find interesting.

Changing the culture…. Quote in prologue of book (footnote)

Later I will share with you a brief history of how certain factions within our culture seem to hijack these natural emerging movements of people. Very often this is done through the tactics and strategies of advertising, marketing, and media manipulation.

When the researchers of cultural creatives wrote their book, they did so in hope that cultural creatives would become aware of themselves and each other. This emerging nation within a nation, global culture within a global culture, was not self-aware. The traditional idea of movements is that they have leaders inspiring and guiding the masses at a grass-roots level. The research of …. Indicated that this natural movement of people did not have someone at the helm orchestrating it and steering it into expression. It was truly and genuinely a grassroots movement, springing forth from the consciousness of humanity.

The fact of the existence of the vast silent movement of humanity has stayed with me over the years. There is something very powerful about this phenomen that calls me to revisit it from time to time.

When I recently looked up Cultural Creatives I discovered that the concept had been hijacked by the advertising, marketing, and media communities. It’s now referred to via an (acronym marketers use to describe cultural creatives). And if I ask people on the street if they are familiar with the idea, I discover that people are not.

Like so many emerging movements of the past, the Cultural Creatives movement has been hijacked and steered for commercial interests. Except, the cultural creatives really haven’t gone anywhere. They are still here. We are still here. Quietly and silently changing our culture from within the culture.

Hello, it’s nice to meet you. I’m extending my hand for a hand shake. Let’s become aware of who we are, and know we are many. Millions of us, in the nineties have become billions of us in this decade. We were approximately one -third of the US population in the 90’s. I can only imagine how many we are now.

We are more than a marketing label.

We are very human. W holistically and synergetically, HUMAN.
And we share common values, ideals, and principles.

(Summary of what the researchers discovered in the 90’s.)

The more we learn about ourselves. The more we learn about our bodies, the human body, the human instrument. The more we learn that we are a community of intelligences, trillions of cellular and microbial intelligences working in cooperation together.(footnote on Microbiome stuff). A synergy of being, in which the elements of our human instrument become something entirely different and more that the mere parts of it, if separated from the whole.

We can take the analogy of what we learning about ourselves as individual beings and apply the ideas to Humanity as a whole. When we do this,

Humanity is a work in progress, an evolution of consciousness, expressed through our human instruments. While we may consider the constraints of our biology rigid, it is more like the banks of a river, or the shape of a vessel, through which the water of life flows.

We are that which flows, not merely that which contains the flow. Or perhaps we are both. The container and the energy. Our lives are the dance between the two.

What feels important to me to understand from the Spirit of OUR Time is that there is a larger Being of Humanity that flows through Humanity as a whole. We/It have an evolution on a collective level just as we do on unique individual levels. It is a synergy of the parts to whole.

If you apply the ideas and principles of Carl Jung and Abraham Maslows principles of self-actualization, then you could say that right now, Humanity is experiencing various states of transition from being driven by base biological needs for survival and moving into the state where the primary drive is self-actualization.

This flow of Human evolution cannot be stopped. Trying to control this flow of consciousness evolving would be like our pinky trying to dictate the action of our body.

Trying to control the flow of the evolution of our consciousness isn’t working and the attempt to do so is the underlying cause of much of the unresolved issues and problems we are facing in our global culture right now.

(Renaissance Humanity.  Very first rough draft of the beginning of Chapter 1 - Where Have All The Creative Culturists Gone?  Messy, huh?  

The intent of the first draft is to simply write, don't stop for spelling corrections, notes, ect... it's to empty the initial thought process onto the page, like a messy blob of clay.  This is the initial material from which the writing process, the craft of writing emerges.  It's perfectly okay to be messy.  It'll be interesting to see how this eventually turns out, through all the editing processes.)



The future enters into us long before it happens. ~ Rainier Maria Rilke

The Last Time I Remember Seeing Him
Im standing atop a concrete wall. My tiny bare toes curled over the edge. Looking across a paved lot. The air was luminescent, glowing with light. Just like it always is when the light beings visit me.
Im wearing a flannel granny gown with a ruffle trim that comes to just above my ankles. It, too, is glowing. When the light beings visit every thing glows.
This is why I call them light beings. Because when they come for me, every thing reflects light. Even the air.
Im in my pajamas because it’s sometime in the middle of the night.
The light being standing next to me is very tall. As I look to my left, I can see his knees and his pale light glowing skin. He wears a robe that comes to just above his knees.
He is holding my hand to ensure I dont fall off the edge of the concrete wall. He is so tall he has to bend downward toward me because my arms will not reach high enough to hold his hand otherwise.
This will be the last time I see’ him. Its a sort of good-bye visit.
He wants me to remember something.
It is very important to him that I remember what he is telling me.
He is pointing across the lot to a white neon-like sign. Bright white. Radiant.
For the longest time, this is all I can remember from this visit.
~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~