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Renaissance Humanity

OUR Future

The Future Enters Into Us ... Long Before It Happens.

Where Have All The Creative Culturists Gone?

Renaissance Humanity: Chapter Outline (Draft)

To pique your curiosity, I thought I'd leave a rough draft outline of the chapters for Renaissance Humanity.  (This is for a friend, because he asked... )

Chapter 1:  Where Have All The Creative Culturists Gone?
(Setting the premise.)

Chapter 2:  Rosebud, Whisper Thy Name
(Some history, or herstory, lol... )

Chapter 3:  Confessions of a New Age Christian
(Bridging the extremes)

Chapter 4:  The Gatekeeper Within
(Will, consciousness, brain, objective mind)

Chapter 5:  Metamorphosis in Action
(Maserati metaphor, After the healing; creation.)

Chapter 6:  The Language of a Culture
(Includes personal theory on education)

Chapter 7:  Synarchy, The Politics of Universal Consciousness

Chapter 8:  Holy Cow, I Love Your Eyes
(The power of perception)

Chapter 9:  Listening Within 
(Dancing the Silence)

Chapter 10:  Small is Beautiful
(Ecology of a Human Economy, Human Scale)

Chapter 11:  WTF is Infinite Intelligence
(The Anatomy of DNA Intelligence, Nature Intelligence ...)

Chapter 12:  Vi Na, Where Do We Go From Here, ... You Decide

Bear in mind this is a work of creative non-fiction.

And since I'm eclectic, this work will also be eclectic.

And fun.

There are repeating sections at the end of each chapter that allows for interactivity and personal experimentation with the ideas presented.  To test the ideas out against your own personal experience.

I tentatively plan 3 Appendix sections, too, along with footnotes and a bibliography.